Maintenance, refurbishment and repairs using local qualified trades people, including plumbers, electricians, joiners and builders.


Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

Some insurance companies stipulate that all portable appliances are tested on a yearly basis. Using local pat testing contractors this can be arranged for you to be undertaken during changeover days or within the shut down period on site.

Handyman Services

Finding a local handy man who is reliable and offers cost effective rates can be difficult when you are away from Neaum Crag and have a busy lifestyle, we have a strong relationship with local tradesmen who are at hand when needed even at short notice. So be at ease with knowing Neaum Crag Services has every job undertaken.


Light Bulb Replacements

Something as simple as changing a light bulb can prove to be quite costly when contractors from off site are involved, we can arrange for light bulbs to be ordered and delivered to the onsite office at website prices thus keeping the cost down of replacing bulbs, or if it’s something more technical with the light fitting we will arrange for the electrician to take a look.

Fire Risk Assessment

This is a mandatory requirement for all guest accommodation, and can be arranged alongside portable appliance testing by our list of local contractors.



If you are looking at updating your kitchen or fancy a new look to your lodge, I can arrange for local contractors to take out any work required to do this in a time scale to suit you and in a cost effective way.


Providing outdoor services such as general gardening, leaf blowing and deck jet washing. This can be arranged for one off jobs or for the regular upkeep of your property.



It’s vitally important that your lodge is properly prepared for winter and professionally “drained down” to avoid the danger of damage from frozen or burst pipes. Water to the lodge is switched off, drained down and antifreeze is added to the traps.

We offer a full "winterization" system which covers the draining down of your lodge, also many insurance companies now stipulate regular checks including fire alarm checks, electrical checks and leaks. As we are on site these checks can be offered to all owners at a reasonable price, without large call out fees that other local companies may charge for these services.