Lowther Castle

A drive through the amazing views of the North Lake District and Eden Valley can lead you to the beauty that is Lowther Castle in Penrith.

A bit of history, a bit of nature and lots of fun can be had in traditional Medieval Cumbrian style here.

If you take a walk through the well maintained gardens you are rewarded with views like this across the Lake District National Park.


The castle resurrected itself from its practical ruins in 2011 with an intensive renovation project.

Grand Designs would have been awestruck as it was one of the largest renovation projects ever taken place in Europe. For the first time in 70 years, Lowther Castle opened its doors to the public once again.

You would think that with the relatively new opening that everything would have the modernised gleam to it, but this isnt further from the truth. The restoration has been done very conservatively and you get to enjoy the castle and the grounds in all its traditional glory. Just how a castle is meant to be. Restoration work is not complete but this adds to the curiosity as you wonder what they are working on next. They are still uncovering parts of the castle where the grounds have been left to take over the buildings. It is a truly amazing sight to see nature claiming its territory.

Lowther Castle has hosted royalty and celebrities. There is a summerhouse where the Queen has hosted events from. More recently it is the site for the biggest Cumbrian music festival Kendal Calling (which did start off life in Kendal until it got that little bit too big!)

The extensive grounds have deer and wildlife to watch, there are rope swings and even traditional stone baths in the gardens.They are grounds for sporting activities and sink holes in the most random places. You get a sense that this was a place where the upper class really got to relax and live. There is nothing better than a day out with the family to play in the pretence for at least a couple of hours.

After a few hours of exploring the gardens, the onsite café offers wonderful cakes, drinks and meals. Many of which are locally sourced.

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