So long and thanks for all the fish!

If you are a fan of exotic fish and marine wildlife, then head over to the shore of Lake Windermere and visit Lakes Aquarium. If you go by one of the steamers, they do a discount as they are operated by the same company.

As you walk through the aquarium, the areas are split into geographical locations, starting with a local twist displaying marine life founds in our own county’s lakes and rivers. As you go through America and the Tropical Rainforests, the fish just get brighter and you may even spot a unique site of a treefrog on the glass like this:

See otters in the otter enclosure, and then walk through the tunnel with sharks swimming above. Get there early if you want to miss the crowds in this section especially!

Towards the end of the aquarium you can take a look at the open tank full of stingrays and larger marine life. The kids particularly enjoy this bit, although it is nerve wracking watching them peer over the tops!

Regular feeding sessions and talks are held throughout the day, and are displayed on the website and at the entrance on arrival.